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Trailerhead: Triumph (2012)

Library Music Composer(s):
Yoav Goren (as Immediate)
Jeffrey Fayman
John Samuel Hanson
Serge Colbert
Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Justin Skomarovsky
Marcello De Francisci
Derek Austin
John R. Graham
Larry Groupé

Released in:

United States

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Library Music

Imperativa Records IMP-00214

Imperativa Records IMP-00214  

United States 
Release Date

Music for trailers.
Also available as download. Composers: Yoav Goren; Jeffrey Fayman; John Samuel Hanson; Serge Colbert; Aleksandar Dimitrijevic; Justin Skomarovsky; Marcello De Francisci; Derek Austin; John R. Graham; Larry Groupé

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  Track listing

1.  Destiny of the Chosen
2.  Journey to Glory
3.  Tales of the Electric Romeo
4.  Battle for the Soul of the Universe
5.  Ode to Power
6.  State of Endless Grace
7.  Falling Skies
8.  Rex Imperium
9.  Tears of Blood
10.  A Nation Born
11.  Burden of Atlas
12.  How to Control the Dream
13.  Incensus
14.  Mercurial
15.  Excalibur
16.  Ageless Empires
17.  Sanctus Immortale
18.  Pandora's Heaven
19.  Rex Imperium Reprise
20.  The Lords Shall Rule
21.  Novus Arcana
22.  Barbarians (Moniker Remix)
23.  Salveus (Moniker Remix)

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