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28-Apr-2006 - offers to customers who order over $50.00 worth of product over the MAYDAY Holiday Weekend a free copy of the limited edition release from AMBER RECORDS of Music From The Films of Charles and Ray Eames by Elmer Bernstein. Original soundtrack recordings with, of course, music by Elmer Bernstein.

All you have to do is order this CD as well as $50.00 dollars worth of additional items and use this product code: MAYDAY2006-EAMES during checkout at their Yahoo store, and you'll get the Eames CD for free!!!!

For all info and ordering, go to BuySoundtrax.

SPECIAL NOTE Any and all other special offers are VOID if you use this gift code and this code may only be used once during the offer period per customer!
This offer will expire at 11:59pm (Pacific time) on May 2,2006.

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