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A selection of this week's releases.
7-Apr-2001 - Again this week two new CAM releases: Il Vedovo, a 1959 Italian film with music by Armando Trovaioli and a tribute to Carlo Rustichelli, Ritratto Di Un Autore.
Also two new releases of Roy Budd: Buddism, with a selection of Get Carter, Black Windmill, Marseille Contract, Stone Killer etc. and Great Songs & Themes From Great Films on Cinephile. This is a collection of pop-styled arrangements to Get Carter, Flight Of The Doves, Zeppelin etc.
From Ennio Morricone two samplers were released: on Cinevox Assoluto Morricone and on Dagored Morricone 2001.
In France Milan released Brother from Joe Hisaishi (Princess Monoke) and Universal released a sample CD Le Cinema De Claude Sautet with music from Les Choses De La Vie, Cesar Et Rosalie, Un Coeur En Hiver etc. by Philippe Sarde.

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