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James Dooley's When A Stranger Calls
27-May-2006 - Lakeshore Records has released the score for When A Stranger Calls, the retelling of the 1979 horror film. It tells the story of Jill Johnson, a young high school student, who babysits for a very rich family. She begins to receive strange phone calls threatening the children. When she finally realizes that it's not a joke, she calls the police, only to find that the call is coming from inside the house. Now Jill and the children must escape this nightmare before its too late... The film is directed by Simon West and is starring Camilla Belle, Katie Cassidy and Tommy Flanagan. The music was composed by James Michael Dooley, who is well versed in the thriller genre, having previously collaborated with Hans Zimmer on the Dream Works blockbuster The Ring.
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