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Marco Beltrami's The Omen
23-Jun-2006 - Varèse Sarabande has released the score for the remake of a famous trilogy: The Omen. New storm clouds have gathered, and on 6/6/06 darkness fell again. The legendary, horrific story of a child born the antichrist was the basis for the 1976 classic, The Omen, and now, the story of Damien Thorn is newly explored in this film from director John Moore (Flight of the Phoenix). Composer Marco Beltrami has written a terrifying score, complete with nightmarish Latin text, paying tribute to the original Academy Award-winning score by Jerry Goldsmith. Beltrami was one of Goldsmith’s students, and he learned many techniques in the art of film scoring. Therefore it was an incredible honour for Beltrami to follow in his teacher’s footsteps. He dedicated the album to Jerry's memory and payed tribute to him in the final track.
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