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11-Jul-2006 - Swedish film music company MovieScore Media's eight film score release since the launch of the label in January 2006, is Evil. It's its first release of music from a Swedish film. "When I first watched Evil back in 2003, I immediately noticed the strikingly rich score by Francis Shaw. He has a unique style, and it was clear that Evil was a perfect film for him to showcase his strong melodic writing and beautiful orchestrations", says MovieScore Media's executive producer, Mikael Carlsson. Performed by the Danish Radio Concert Orchestra, the score for Evil features restrained romantic writing and a nostalgic main theme, as well as darker, more dramatic material.
MovieScore Media's ninth online release is Brett Rosenberg's score for Half Light, a dark and romantic orchestral score filled with beautiful themes that are contrasted by eerie suspense writing, colourfully orchestrated by Nicholas Dodd and performed by first rate London session players recorded in the magnificent Air Lyndhurst Studios. The film has been described as an "Hitchcockian thriller with a supernatural twist", and Rosenberg's score has its Herrmann-esque moments and a lot of moody atmospheres that recalls some of Christopher Young's finest genre works.
For more info and ordering through iTunes, visit MovieScore Media.

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