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John Ottman discusses super scoring at Film Music Radio
25-Jul-2006 - John Ottman, the composer of the superhero scores for X-Men United, Fantastic Four and this Summer's Superman Returns discusses the art of composing for comic book heroes at Film Music Radio's On the Score show this Tuesday.

In an insightful, no-holds-barred interview, Ottman tells us about the tricks of how film music makes you believe a man can fly, revealing his trick of how he was able to both edit and score X-Men United and Superman Returns.

Ottman takes a look at his working relationship with Superman Returns' director Bryan Singer, as well as a sneak peak to his upcoming superhero score for Fantastic Four 2.

On the Score on Film Music Radio is moderated by Venice Magazine soundtrack editor Daniel Schweiger, and features the words and music of today's top composers. John Ottman's superhero show will be spotlighted for two weeks at, beginning Tuesday, July 25th, and then archived for a month afterwards. As an added bonus, listeners can also listen to an previous career retrospective show done on Ottman for “On the Score.”

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