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New&Upcoming releases from Varese.
20-Apr-2001 - Just released: The Tailor Of Panama, a new thriller with Pierce Brosnan and directed by John Boorman. Shaun Davey composed a flavorful Latin score for orchestra with emphasis on guitars and percussion.
On April 24, Varese will release the soundtrack of the Australian hit The Dish, featuring songs by The Youngbloods, Mason Williams, The Loved Ones, Thunderclap Newman, Oliver Russell Morris, Burt Kaempfert, Dawn Upshaw, plus selections from the Original Score by Edmund Choi.
And on May 1 there is the release of James Horner's Aliens: The DeLuxe Edition. This official soundtrack for the recently released Twentieth Century Fox Special Edition of James Cameron's Aliens features nearly twice as much music than its original release!
Also on May 1, the release of Pavilion Of Woman. The film features a spectacular and operatic score by Conrad Pope, Utilizing Zheng harps, Chinese flutes, Stone flutes and an Erhu, along with a symphony orchestra and choir, the music score acts as an exotic lead character in this epic love story adventure.

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