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29-Aug-2006 - GDM Music in Italy has released in their exclusive GDM CD Club two long awaited CD's. The first one Revolver (1973) is from Maestro Ennio Morricone. It's the story of an Italian official, who's wife is kidnapped, and the kidnappers demand that a notorious prisoner be released in order for the man to get his wife back. The expanded edition has 7 never before released tracks and an 8 page booklet. Also in the GDM CD Club a first CD release of La Ragazza Con La Pistola (1968), with a beautiful score by Peppino De Luca. For this release were both the 16 original LP tracks, in stereo, used plus 9 previously unreleased tracks in mono. Included is an 8 page booklet.
For more info, visit GDM Music.

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