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Alberto Iglesias scores Her Majestic Minor
3-Oct-2006 - Alberto Iglesias is doing the score for the new film by French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, entitled Her Majestic Minor. It has been described by Variety as a "mythic comedy" and is produced by Annaud's company Reperage, Studio Canal and Spain's Malvarrosa Media. Jose Garcia, Vincent Cassel and Sergio Peris-Menchita stars in the film, which is based on the last screenplay by legendary writer Gerard Brach, who died on September 9 in Paris.

Alberto Iglesias is also working on a new concept album. Best known for his scores for the films of Pedro Almodovar and Julio Medem, Iglesias was nominated for an Academy Award for The Constant Gardener earlier this year.

(Source: Scoremagacine - Spain)

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