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The FSM October releases...
25-Oct-2006 - Film Score Monthly is now shipping their October releases. Random Harvest and The Yearling, two classic Herbert Stothart scores on one CD, never before available, both to classic films. Random Harvest (1942) is the WWI amnesia love story starring Ronald Colman and Greer Garson; The Yearling (1946) a heartfelt rural tale about a boy and his pet deer. Herbert Stothart was one of the major composers of his day, but The Wizard of Oz aside, there are virtually no CDs of his work - this is a first step in the right direction. Each score is around one-half complete, due to elements disintegrating over the years, but several tracks are in stereo (including both main titles).
The second one is Guns For San Sebastian, a classic 1968 Ennio Morricone western score (actually more of a historical adventure set in Mexico) and the first FSM CD from the Maestro. It comes from his glory days and is something of a dry run for Once Upon a Time in the West, also featuring Edda Dell'Orso. Past LPs and CDs were in dreadful sound and quite short; this is, at last, the complete score in vastly improved stereo from the original master tapes.
For more info and ordering, visit Film Score Monthly/SAE.

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