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The Egyptian and The French Connection released by FSM
3-May-2001 - The Egyptian (1954) is the one of the all-time legendary film scores -- an historical epic jointly scored by Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Newman. Film Score Monthly has gone back to the 2" safety transfers to cull and remix every usable cue. Over 70 minutes of the 100+ minute score has been saved -- including most of the major setpieces by both composers, such as the main and end titles, Newman's "Valley of the Kings" and Herrmann's "Chariot Ride/Pursuit" and many more. Furthermore, most of the cues that have survived are in stellar six-track stereo sound, and many others are in more than acceptable three-track stereo sound.

The French Connection/French Connection II with a jazz score by Don Ellis, is 75 minutes of prime '70s cop scoring -- firmly of the period but enhanced with the signature of a fresh voice. The sequel score is entirely in stereo; the original is mostly stereo with some mono cues. Sound quality is clear throughout and the booklet notes explain exactly where the deleted cues were meant to go.
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