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Andrzej Korzyński's Sweet Music
11-Nov-2006 - is very busy releasing attractive scores from Polish movies and here is the third one in a very short time: Sweet Music, with light jazz compositions created by Andrzeja Korzyñsky. It's music written for the German movies: Spielergeschichten and Florian. The music is very nice and is also perfect for long romantic evenings or for relaxing. Among the performers are, besides the great Polish saxophonist, Henryk Miœkiewicz,  also Winicjusz Chróst on the electric guitar, Pawe³ Perliñski on the piano, and Andrzej Korzyñski who plays the synthesizer. The album  is available from in two formats: MP3 and APE, which is a lossless audio compression format. The album contains also high quality covers, ready for printing.

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