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DVD - Hustle, the con is on
15-Nov-2006 -

BBC Video releases to DVD the slick, stylish and cinematic series that puts the 'Art' back in con artist. 

The con is on. This fall, BBC Video invites you to enter a world where the good guys can be very bad and you can’t always trust what’s in front of your eyes, with the DVD release of Hustle: Complete Season One. From the creators of MI-5, Hustle: Complete Season One follows the lives of five expert con artists who are the modern day equivalents of Robin Hood, stealing only from the amoral and undeserving. Hustle: Complete Season One charmed its way to retail on September 5, 2006, just one month after the airing of six new action-packed episodes on AMC. Bonus features on this highly anticipated 2-disc DVD set include the behind-the-scenes featurette Assembling the Team and cast biographies.

Nominated by the Royal Television Society for Best Graphic Design (2005) and Best Design and Craft Innovation (2004) awards, Hustle boasts a solid ensemble cast, including Robert Vaughn (Pootie Tang, Superman III), Adrian Lester (Spider Man 3, The Day After Tomorrow), Marc Warren (Green Street Hooligans, Band of Brothers), Robert Glenister and Jaime Murray. Since premiering on AMC this winter, the series has received widespread critical-acclaim. TIME magazine wrote that Hustle “will win your faith on charm and panache,” and TV Guide raved, “This stylish British export about a crew of flimflam men and women – think ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ – arrives with an impressive pedigree.” Additionally, the drama was hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as “Effortlessly stylish, intriguing and hip…Grand entertainment” and praised by Variety as “a captivating look at con men that hits the small screen with the cinematic flair of recent grifter pics.”

The music.
First of all, the music, used in Hustle fits the action very well. The very intriguing title theme by Simon Rogers keep your mind busy, long after you have seen an episode. According to the end titles the music for the series has been written by Beatguru, a composer or group of which I have never heard and so does the iMDB. They come with the name Marcus Fiennes as the composer who is responsible for the music. However, the music is excellent, very jazzy and reminds of the famous music that good old Lalo Schifrin wrote for the first Mission: Impossible TV series. Time for a CD release, people at the BBC?

The DVD has been released by Warner Bros. on September 5, 2006.

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