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Franco Micalizzi's Superuomini Superdonne Superbotte
21-Nov-2006 - Fin de Siècle Media in Sweden has released a very surprisingly CD, the score for Superuomini Superdonne Superbotte (1975), (aka Super Stooges Vs The Wonder Women, Supermen Against The Amazons, Three Stooges vs. The Wonder Women, San Chao Ren Yu Nu Ba Wang, Amazzoni Contro Supermen, Barbarian Revenge etc.). The music by Franco Micalizzi has never been released before, making this CD the world premiere. The untitled cues have been carefully restored from the stereo master tapes, except the bonus tracks which came from a mono source with inferior sound quality. Some of the shortest and most recurring themes have been merged together to further enhancethe listening experience.
For more info and ordering, visit Fin de Siècle Media.

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