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Scott Bradley's Tom and Jerry & Tex Avery Too!
30-Nov-2006 - Film Score Monthly has released the 2CD set Tom and Jerry & Tex Avery Too! Vol. 1: The 1950s, with music by Scott Bradley. Bradley (1891-1977) was the musical wizard behind M-G-M's classic Golden Age cartoons. From 1934 to 1957, Bradley was the studio's resident animation composer and provided the musical identity for Tom and Jerry shorts as well as the madcap gag-fests of animation legend Tex Avery. FSM has concentrated on Bradley's last period at M-G-M, the reason being that these offer the best sound quality. Nine cartoon scores survive in glorious stereo sound from the original 35mm three-track masters, completed with 16 monaural cartoons from 17.5mm masters. The result is 25 cartoon scores in marvelous sound quality, especially when compared to other historical cartoon music CDs.
For more info and ordering, visit Film Score Monthly/SAE.

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