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DVD - The Worst Week Of My Life
14-Dec-2006 -

"A wickedly funny comedy" (Hartford Courant)

Only one week to go before the marriage of Howard and Mel which quickly escalets into the worst week of my life.

The week before a wedding can be fraught, but for publisher Howard Steele, marrying the delectable Mel, it becomes a nightmare of gargantuan proportions. Everything that can possibly go wrong does go wrong, much of the chaos resulting from Howard's earnest attempts to do the right thing. Cassie, an office colleague with whom he had a one-night-stand at the Christmas party two years previously, turns out to be homicidally obsessed with him and sets out to wreck the imminent nuptials.

The story.
The show chronicles the wickedly funny, horrible seven days (each episode represents one day) leading up to the couple's wedding ceremony. You know 'Murphy's Law', "If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong." Well, just double that for poor, Howard. Wedding furniture is the least of his problems. The main crux of the matter is that Howard will do just about anything to try and please the well to do, 'blue blood' family, that he's marrying into.
Howard's family-in-law.
The family includes Mel's humorless, stuff-shirt father, Dick (Geoffrey Whitehead), hysterical mother, Angela (Alison Steadman) and sluttish younger sister, Sophie (Emma Pierson). Disaster seems to follow anytime Howard tries to please these people and help out. Trouble seems to grow exponentially as the poor man attempts to cover-up each previous mis-step. Just a couple of Howard's disasters include losing the family's priceless, heirloom ring in the sewer, destroying a painting of his father-in-law, crashing a car into a newly built brick wall, mistakenly giving condoms as a wedding gift, getting into bed and spooning his mother-law, killing the beloved, family dog with a cement mixer and accidentally putting the family's elderly, grandmum into a coma. Things finally come to a head, when the couple must deal with a psychotic, female stalker, who's been plagueing Howard throughout the series. Sounds pretty dark, right? Yup... but this is 'black' humor at its' best!
The music
Responsible for the theme and the music is Nina Humphreys. An RTS Award winning composer for her beautiful score to Talkback/Channel 4’s acclaimed period drama Sword of Honour, Nina is now one of the UK’s most successful composers with credits ranging from psychological thrillers to comedy and period dramas.

Having caught the attention of UK directors & producers with her score to The Lakes II in 1999, Nina followed this up with scores for the Tiger Aspect Production Murder (nominated for an RTS Award in 2001), Rose & Maloney, a wonderfully ethnic score to Boudica and a quirky score to The Worst Week Of My Life.

Nina has recently scored the psychological thriller Lie With Me for Granada Television, the six part contemporary drama A Thing Called Love for the BBC and is currently working on her second series of Granada’s Blue Murder. She has recently completed scoring the intriguing science fiction thriller A For Andromeda for the BBC and Wide Sargasso Sea for Kudos.

The DVD has been released by Warner Bros.

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