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Antoni Lazarkiewicz's Winterreise
15-Dec-2006 - Colosseum Records in Germany has released the score for Winterreise, the story of Franz Brenninger, who has made a success of his life. He is the manager of a hardware shop and lives with his wife, who he calls lovingly 'Mucki', in a nice house. With her Brenninger has two adult children. But this nice front erodes when he starts to do dubious business with unreliable Africans. At the moment he discovers the swindle, he has already lost 80.000 Euro. He travels with the young Laila as his interpreter to Nigeria, to try to get his money back. Brenninger has nothing to loose, and finally it is clear, that he don't want to return. The music is composed by Antoni Lazarkiewicz, and features songs by Franz Schubert.
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