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22-Feb-2007 - Two new releases from Digitmovies. The first one is the third volume of the anthology series dedicated to the original soundtracks from the Italian Peplum genre. This third volume dedicated to Roma Contro Roma (1964) (aka War of the zombies – Rome against Rome) is actually a Peplum combining with the Horror genre. The symphonic and electronic music is by Roberto Nicolosi. The score appears on record for the very first time, taken from the mono mastertapes that have been preserved in the archives of RCA for more than 40 years. Digitmovies has also released for the very first time on CD the original stereo soundtrack from the 1974 Duccio Tessari movie L’Uomo Senza Memoria (aka Puzzle- L’homme sans memoire) composed and conducted by Gianni Ferrio. This CD project was made possible thanks to the availability of the stereophonic masters preserved in the RCA archives. The leitmotif is reprised with numerous orchestral variations alternating from the quiet, sometimes mystic and mysterious atmosphere to dramatic one with rhythm and use of electric bass, strings and effects that evoke certain sound-atmosphere of the 70’s that Jerry Fielding and Lalo Schifrin created for movies with the character Inspector Callaghan played by Clint Eastwood.
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