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Alan Silvestri: A Piedmonteese in Hollywood
24-Feb-2007 -

The project Alan Silvestri: A Piedmonteese in Hollywood, conceived by the Association Valleversa PLUS and the Commune of Castell'Alfero, intends to introduce and valorize the Italian descendant, American composer and musician Alan Silvestri on the Asti territory and on the whole Piedmont country.

Silvestri is tied to Castell' Alfero (AT) by his grandmother Eugenia, who was precisely born in the Commune of Asti and who migrated to the USA at the beginning of 1900. The strong, long-lasting connection with Piedmont resulted in some trips back of the Silvestri’s family members to the native country - the composer himself returned in 2004.

Alan Silvestri has been recently conferred - on August the 3rd 2006 - with an Honorary Citizenship of Castell’Alfero (AT) and - in September the 30th - he received the international Prize “Piedmonteese in the World 2005/2006”, instituted by the Piedmonteese Region, for his capacity of enhancing and honouring his Piedmonteese origin.

These two awards will be personally received by the composer in the summer of 2007, when Silvestri’s family will be in Castell’Alfero for the official delivery.
The initiatives will take place in Castell'Alfero (At) and Asti through an articulated mix of events and manifestations starting on February the 2nd 2007.

Three different events are planned by the city of Castell’Alfero in order to honour Silvestri’s next coming: 
* a Film Festival entirely dedicated to the artist 
* an International Anthological Exhibition concerning the musician (reaching its second edition, after the 2006’s one) 
* a Philatelic Cancellation with a combined International Competition dedicated to the bestowal of his Honorary Citizenship. 

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