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10-Mar-2007 - Film Score Monthly has released their March titles. In the Silver Age Classics series comes The Wrath Of God (1972), an action-adventure film that has been viewed as everything from a violent drama to a parody of movie conventions. Lalo Schifrin provided a terrific score in the traditions of his western and action efforts of the time (such as Clint Eastwood's Joe Kidd), with a distinctive Latin flavor as well as orchestral elements ranging from the avant garde to contemporary rock (perhaps evoking spaghetti westerns and their anachronisms).
In the Golden Age Classics series comes Some Came Running (1958), a prestigious adaptation of James Jones's second novel about a serviceman (Frank Sinatra) who returns to his rural Indiana hometown following World War II. While struggling to find his purpose in life, he is torn romantically between a luckless floozie (Shirley MacLaine) and an intellectual schoolteacher (Martha Hyer) who appreciates his ambitions as a writer but spurns him romantically. The movie required from Elmer Bernstein not only a jazz score, but moments of musical Americana.
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