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Scoring Fracture
4-Apr-2007 -

Danna brothers come together to score Fracture.

Brothers and award-winning film composers Jeff and Mychael Danna reunite to score Fracture, a film directed by Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear, Frequency). In the thriller, a district attorney (Ryan Gosling) embarks on a crusade for justice after a man (Anthony Hopkins) is found innocent for the attempted murder of his wife. The film's release date is set for April 20, 2007.

The Danna brothers recently recorded the film's score with a full orchestra in Los Angeles. This is not the first collaboration between Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna. Their joint film credits include Terry Gilliam's fantasy/drama Tideland; The Matthew Shephard Story, for which they won a Gemini Award for Best Original Score; and Green Dragon, a Vietnam war drama starring Patrick Swayze and Forest Whitaker. Also recording artists, the pair worked on an orchestral Celtic album that reached worldwide success and reached the top 10 on the Billboard charts.

The Danna's individual accomplishments speak loudly of the talents of both brothers. Both received a SOCAN Award in 2006; Mychael won the Domestic Feature Film Music Award for Where the Truth Lies and Jeff won the International Film Music Award for Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Mychael recently earned a Grammy nomination for Little Miss Sunshine, which he scored with indie band DeVotchka. His other films include Breach, currently in theaters, The Nativity Story, Capote, Being Julia, and the upcoming animated feature Surf's Up.

Jeff Danna's credits include Chicago 10, which opened 2007's Sundance Film Festival; and the upcoming Closing the Ring, a romantic drama starring Shirley MacLaine, Christopher Plummer, and Mischa Barton; and television series Nimrod Nation, an eight-part documentary series about a Michigan town's obsession with high school basketball. For the film's Chicago 10 and Nimrod Nation, Jeff Danna recollaborated with director Brett Morgan for whom he scored the Grammy-nominated The Kid Stays in the Picture. Additionally, for Closing The Ring, Jeff Danna collaborated with famed director Sir Richard Attenborough.

The composers, both originally from Canada, now reside in Los Angeles.

New Line Release in Theaters April 20.
Score CD available at iTunes.

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