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Stefano Lentini's Shooting Silvio
8-May-2007 - CAM Original Soundtracks has released the score for Shooting Silvio, the story of a young, rich, outlandish orphan with no c.g. who decides to kill Silvio Berlusconi. At the very beginning Kurtz, as everybody calls him, isn’t really motivated; he suggest his friends, whom he had invited to him, to help him organize the murder not really because he wants to, but because he would just like to make the party more exciting. But his friends don’t even listen to him, they make fun of him, they leave him alone. Nicole, his girlfriend, she can’t help him too; she wants a man who can think about his own future, instead of a dreamer. The score for this comedy is by Stefano Lentini.
For more info and ordering, visit CAM Original Soundtracks in Italy.

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