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Deborah Lurie scores two #1 films
14-May-2007 -

Deborah Lurie adds magic to Dreamgirls & Spider-man 3.

Over the past few years, Deborah Lurie has quietly become attached to the biggest blockbusters. Her musical arrangements and original compositions have repeatedly made their way to the top of the Billboard and Box Office charts. Just this year alone, her string arrangements can be heard on the top-selling releases from RCA's rock band Daughtry and the motion picture soundtrack for Golden Globe's Best Picture and the #1 selling DVD, Dreamgirls. She also composed additional underscore for the film, adding to an increasingly influential role as a film composer which also found her collaborating this year on the #1 film in the world, Spider-Man 3, as she did with Spider-Man 2.

Since first gaining recognition for her score to Joe Nussbaum's cult classic, George Lucas in Love, Lurie has quickly become a strikingly versatile and critically acclaimed rising voice on the Hollywood music scene. She is known for strongly thematic and memorable scores that impart unique character to a wide array of styles--from symphonic music to hard rock. Her original scores range from Lasse Hallstrom's An Unfinished Life to MGM's Sleepover, and the upcoming Warner Brothers comedy Spring Breakdown.

In addition to her original scores, Lurie is known for high-profile collaborations, beginning when she reunited with "George Lucas in Love" director Joe Nussbaum in 2004, to score the pre-teen comedy "Sleepover" for MGM. For the score, Lurie wrote parts for a 50-piece orchestra and co-write a pop love song, "Remember," with Gabriel Mann. Since then, Lurie has been a frequent collaborator of Danny Elfman. She composed additional music for the IMAX film Deep Sea: 3D starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet; and arranged/orchestrated on Charlotte's Web and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. She has also collaborated numerous times with composer John Ottman, composing the score for Imaginary Heroes based on Ottman's theme and arranging music for blockbusters such as X2.

Other recent arranging credits include the top selling album by The All-American Rejects, hard rockers Papa Roach, and the chart topping band Three Days Grace. Beginning with the #1 hit single "The Reason," Lurie has collaborated on two CDs with the band Hoobastank, as well as an orchestral live concert and DVD in Paris. Lurie's longest and most prolific collaboration in rock music is with producer Howard Benson, Grammy nominated this year for Producer Of The Year. Lurie's work in pop/rock music began with musical productions for the live stage, including arranging/producing the music for The Pussycat Dolls live at The Roxy, starring Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani among others and arranging/producing the music for the Off Broadway musical bare.

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