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Attori A Mano Armata
13-Jun-2007 -

The main actors of the most violent season of Italian Cinema.

The 70's are often related to a shade of fierce violence in people's memories, crime was all over the news and the street war against the raising extremist terror was a spreading desease. The bomb in Piazza Fontana 1969 wreaked havoc and the whole stream of carnage went on and on all along the 70's with the fascist bombs and red terrorists killings. This bleak background became the storyboard to this upcoming film genre, where bank robberies would easily turn into bloodshed almost on a daily basis.

Cinedelic Records has presented a unique book Attori A Mano Armata, with an accompanying CD with music from the movies of that erie. The DeLuxe book with 64 pages is filled with a flood of movie posters, movie stills, photos and a filmography of the heroes from that time, main actors like Ray Lovelock, Luc Merenda, Maurizio Merli, Mario Merola, Thomas Milian, the still famous Franco Nero and Henry Silva, to name a few.

And then the music..! 76 Minutes of memories from the 70's with music from famous composers. From the brothers De Angelis exciting music of Il Grande Racket, Con La Rabbia Agli Occhi and Il Cittadino Si Ribella, amongst others. Another welknown name in the genre is Luis Bacalov. He is represented here with music from L'Ultima Chance and Ricatto Alla Malla. Other composers who are represented here are Franco Micallizzi with the surprising Folk And Violence from the movie Napoli Violenta and a track from Hold Up, Instantanea Di Una Rapina, Ennio Morricone with Inseguimento e Fuga from the movie Revolver, Stelvio Cipriani (of course!) with tracks from three movies, Franco Campanino, Alessandro Alessandroni, Piero Piccioni, Riz Ortolani and Mecco Guidi.

The book and the CD are compiled by Marco D'Ubaldo and all the music is digitally remasterd and sounds as new as back in the 70's..!

A must have, not only for lovers of the Italian Cinema of that time, but for all soundtrack collectors..!

For more info and ordering, visit Cinedelic Records in Italy.

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