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5-Jul-2007 - Fin de Siècle Media has released the soundtrack for Questa volta ti faccio ricco! (This Time I'll Make You Rich) by Sante Maria Romitelli. For the first time on CD, the previously released LP by Ariete is very rare and sought after by soundtrack collectors around the world. Digitally remastered and in full stereo, this is an enthusiastic and animated effort by Romitelli which gives clear evidence of his creative genius.
Fin de Siècle Media is proud to give another underrated composer, Giorgio Gaslini, the attention he most certainly deserves. He is a highly trained and world renowned musician, a maestro of not only composition but also of jazz and contemporary classical music. The score for Rivelazioni Di Un Maniaco Sessuale Al Capo Della Squadra Mobile is a very skillful and satisfying work, which also features the voice of Edda Dell’Orso. Carefully restored by Claudio Fuiano, this CD premiere release does not only present the LP tracks in full stereo, but also 17 unreleased tracks have been saved from obscurity. Both CDs are presented in a 6-page digipak with original artwork and extensive liner notes by John Bender.
For more info and ordering, visit Fin de Siècle Media.

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