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Academy bans all Score and Soundtrack CD mailings
8-Aug-2007 -

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in new rules posted this week, has banned the mailing of nominated score or soundtrack CDs to members.

 The new Academy rule states, “No recordings, sheet music or music videos of eligible songs or scores may be sent to Academy members at any time,” and according to an Academy source was recommended by the Academy music branch executive committee. The announcement has caused concern in the composer community, especially inlight of this year’s Best Score winner Babel whose score contained a significant amount of previously released instrumental music, and source music by another composer. The score composition from Babel played at the Academy Awards event under the film clip had in fact been released 8 years ago on an album. Without official academy score CDs of eligible music, it may be difficult for voting members watching a DVD screener to tell which score music was written by the nominated composer and which music may have been written by others.

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