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Daniel Pemberton's TVPOPMUZIK
10-Aug-2007 - 1812 Recordings has released TVPOPMUZIK, a collection of Daniel Pemberton's more quirky and unique television work. Featuring reworked instrumentals from countless shows scored by Daniel the album is at times cheeky, mysterious, groovy or just plain silly. With his music regularly heard by millions it is a soundtrack as evocative, as catchy, as stupid and as disposable as any pop record. Daniel uses any instrument that comes to hand, from clapped out synthesizers to bendy rulers, large orchestral string sections to human beatboxers, turntables to trumpets, to create a unique sound. TVPOPMUZIK is the quirky sound of contemporary British TV. “Daniel has a terrific ear... the start of what promises to be a very impressive career” says David Arnold.
For more info and ordering, visit Daniel Pemberton's website. Also available from

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