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Paul Haslinger scores Vacancy
30-Aug-2007 -

"Tip my hat to my favorite film composer of all times, Bernard Hermann".
Commotion Records, dedicated to releasing soundtrack albums for independent films, has released the chilling score for the film Vacancy, composed by Paul Haslinger (Tangerine Dream). The film, which came out this past summer, was released on DVD on August 14, 2007.

Grammy-nominated composer Paul Haslinger has delivered an eerie and heart pounding score to accompany the suspense and terror of the film, Vacancy. Having gained notoriety while playing in the band Tangerine Dream, Haslinger has more recently focused his career on soundtracks. The music from Vacancy arranges intricate layers of intense sounds that begin very quietly and build to a wild crescendo. Traditional instrumentation coupled with electronic music make this a uniquely scored thriller. At one point a heart monitor is cleverly used to provide for a particularly chilling notion of impending doom.

Haslinger said, "
I believe the resulting soundtrack makes a statement about our time, about our ability to mix and match across periods and styles, and to do so in a way that is both eclectic and forward driving in it's creative design."

Classically trained in Salzburg and Vienna, Haslinger's transition into scoring films has been completely natural. In addition to various solo projects and numerous scores his recent efforts include: Underworld, The Girl Next Door, The Italian Job and contributing music to Stephen Spielberg's Minority Report. Haslinger has also earned a Grammy nomination for his work on the album, Canyon Dreams as well as an Emmy nomination for scoring the television mini series, Sleeper Cell: Al Faitha.

Vacancy is the story of Amy and David Fox (played by Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson), a couple who make the horrific decision to stay at the Pinewood Motel. The tension immediately builds as the newlyweds begin to notice something is very wrong, and their lives are in grave danger. The intensity that follows is greatly accentuated by the score's great dynamic highs and lows.

Conjuring up hints of Hitchcock's, Psycho, Vacancy is a modern day thriller that feels like a horror film without the cliché of constant on screen violence. Haslinger was able to take this and as he describes, "tip my hat to my favorite film composer of all times, Bernard Hermann." This is evident in the Main Title credit music,
"with its reference to bygone thriller-noir days."

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Commotion Records has a history of great soundtrack releases including Mysterious Skin, Happy Endings, Code 46, The Cooler, and Oscar Winning film Hotel Rwanda.  Vacancy, along with the Commotion releases, Broken English (Directed by Zoe Cassavetes with music from Scratch Massive, I Am Kloot and Juan Trip) and The Ten (composed by Paul Craig Wedren), are in stores since August 28, 2007.

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