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28-Jun-2001 - Winner in 2 categories in the Havana Film Festival 2000 and Winner in 2 categories in the Friborg International Film Festival 2001 is It Happened In Havana. The music was composed by Edisio Alejandro and Gerardo Garcia.
The soundtrack for Someone Like You is a mellow and relaxing collection of reworked versions of masterstroke music. Several songs seem targeted towards women and the music follows the storyline while providing topical commentary of the film´s content.
JoWooD's long-awaited-for follow-up to the computer game Alien Nations (Die Völker), which has sold over 1,300,000 worldwide, is on the market as of June 2001. Danish composer Jesper Kyd has created an atmospherically impenetrable sound design. He talentedly plays with experimental sound patterns and builds up a music full of multileveled, rhythmic themes.

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