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Marc Wilkinson's Blood On Satan's Claw
9-Oct-2007 - Jonny Trunk of Trunk Records brings us another previously unreleased horror soundtrack - this time it's Marc Wilkinson's spookily-beautiful music for the cult British movie from 1971, Blood On Satan's Claw (aka Satan's Skin). Directed by Piers Haggard in 1971, Blood On Satan's Claw has slowly gathered a cult following for lots of reasons, it's beautifully shot and art directed, it stars The Devil, evil naked maidens, and of course the music accompanying all the horror is quite extraordinary. Written by Marc Wilkinson, former director of music for the National Theatre, this soundtrack takes its lead from "The Devil's Interval". Musical appearances from the Ondes Martenot (the earliest electronic instrument) and Cimbalom add to the overall spookiness of this recording.
For more info and pre-ordering, visit Movie Grooves in the UK.

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