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20-Nov-2007 - MovieScore Media comes with 2 new releases. The first one is George And The Dragon, a European family adventure that came out in 2004. The composer who wrote the large orchestral score is one of Luxemburg's best known musicians, Gast Waltzing. The music he has written is a big symphonic score that will remind listeners of Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Thematically rich, and performed with great stamina by the Luxemburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the choir A. Piacere & Les Amis du Chant, this score was the perfect choice for MovieScore Media's second entry in the 'Discovery Collection'.
The second one is the score for the award winning drama Journey From The Fall, the story about a Vietnamese family, tragically affected by the Vietnam War, who are forced to emigrate to America thirteen years after the end of the war. The deeply emotional, heartfelt and strikingly honest orchestral accompaniment to the film is the creation of young composer Christopher Wong, one of the “new discoveries” this year. He is a student of legendary Jerry Goldsmith, and he certainly has learnt a few important tricks by the late maestro: the importance of a strong theme to unify a score and the beauty of carefully figured out choices of instrumentation.
Available as CD from Screen Archives Entertainment or downloadable from FilmMusic Downloads.

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