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DVD The Unseen Beatles
22-Nov-2007 -

Discover the inside story of the most prolific rock band of all time.
Get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the rise and fall of the most influential band of all-time as BBC Video releases to DVD The Unseen Beatles. A must-own DVD for all Beatles fans, The Unseen Beatles features newly discovered archive footage, photographs, personal home movies, and interviews with those who accompanied The Beatles on tour from 1956-1966. Additionally, this historic DVD boasts fascinating bonus material including extended interviews, a photo gallery and rare footage of The Beatles from the island of Jersey in the UK.
By 1966, The Beatles had played over 1,400 gigs, released fifteen number one singles, made seven albums, toured the world four times and sold the equivalent of 200 million records. However, at the height of their popularity, without warning, they pulled the plug and would never tour again. The Unseen Beatles explores the unique talent that set The Beatles apart as they conquered the world and invented the modern rock tour. The touching and intimate program takes viewers on the road with the legendary band through a series of increasingly ambitious tours, Ultimately what they will see is a story of chaos and comedy, of death threats, plane crashes, diplomatic wrangles, and finally, disillusionment.

The Unseen Beatles Bonus Features:
• Extended Interviews
• Photo Gallery
• Rare Footage of The Beatles on the Isle of Jersey
The DVD is available from Warner Home Video and

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