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29-Nov-2007 - Digitmovies has released the sixth volume in the Italian Peplum series, a double CD with for the first time the two complete scores, composed by Giovanni Fusco for La Guerra Di Troia, directed by Giorgio Ferroni in 1961 and its sequel La Leggenda Di Enea, directed by Albert Band in 1962, both starring the mythic Steve Reeves in the role of Aeneas. Happily, in the archives of CAM the complete original master tapes in mono have survived. CD 1 contains the complete score from the movie La Guerra Di Troia. As bonus tracks versions of “Titoli Di Testa” and “Finale” without choir are enclosed. CD 2 contains the complete score from La Leggenda Di Enea.
Digitmovies has also released the complete score, composed by Bruno Nicolai for the classic Italian western movie Corri Uomo Corri (aka “Run man run”). Directed in 1968 by Sergio Sollima, the movie stars Tomas Milian. This CD is also thanks to the team of C.A.M. who has given the permission to use the complete 1968 stere mastertapes. For this Italian western movie Bruno Nicolai composed a true musical masterpiece: epic, romantic, dramatic, desperate, adventurous, dominated by a main theme with revolutionary flavour called “Espanto en el corazon”.
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