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DVD Twilight Zone The Movie
1-Dec-2007 -




An exhilarating flight of fancy. Imaginative and witty.

Warner Home Video has released Twilight Zone: The Movie, a splendid anthology of horror and fantasy stories from four directors and inspired by the classic TV series by Rod Sterling. The stories except the first one are based on classic episodes from the TV series while the first tale is a very original story.

Friday nights. We time-traveled. Witnessed surprising twists. Entertained aliens. Experienced fear. And first journeyed to The Twilight Zone of Rod Serling's memorable TV series. And guided by four imaginative moviemakers, we traveled there again in 1983. Directors John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante and George Miller fashion stories based on or inspired by classic episodes. Landis weaves the tale of a bigot who gets a walloping dose of his own hatred. Spielberg takes over with a fable of senior citizens offered a magical rejuvenation. Dante serves up a terror trip with a child who uses his cartoon-inspired powers to enslave his family. Then fright goes aloft with Miller's finale about a neurotic passenger who sees a monster on the jetliner's wing. Or does he?
This tribute to the old classic TV series is respectable enough, capturing some of the magic of the revered show. All four segments are remakes of old episodes, and for the most part the updates are an improvement over the original material. However, the most interesting aspect of this film, is that each story seems to work as a fine demonstration of the style and sensibilities of the artist directing the segment. Spielberg's section deals more or less with life-affirming issues, Dante's story (like most of his films), is a live-action cartoon. The section directed by Miller benefits from his great visual sense style and Landis applies his strange dark humor and irony to his segment.
About the music.
Carol Serling, partner of Rod Serling, the executive producer of the 1959 TV series about Jerry Goldsmith's music: "I feel as though Jerry Goldsmith has come home again. Many years ago he wrote and composed music for The Twilight Zone television series.
Jerry's genius captures the true essence of The Twilight Zone. The score creates a dynamic and melodic roadway that leads us through the several episodes of the movie. The thematic material covers a vast range of moods, sometimes buoyant and brilliant, sometimes lively and lyrical, somtimes compelling and chilling, but always full of magic.
Here then is your passport into another dimension, a dimension not only of mind, but of sound, a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.
Next stop: The Twilight Zone".
Special features.
New digital transfer with the soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1. Available are 2 English audio tracks: 5.1 and 2.0. And the theatrical trailer.
DVD available from Warner Home Video. or from
Soundtrack with the score is still available from

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