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Tim Curran scores Hangman's House
10-Dec-2007 -

A unique score for the history books...
Composer Tim Curran scores legendary director John Ford’s 1928 film Hangman’s House, part of the recently released and critically acclaimed Ford At Fox DVD box set produced by 20th Century Fox. The epic silent film, set in Ireland, features John Wayne in his first-ever role—as an uncredited extra—as well as Oscar-winner Victor McLaglen. 
For Hangman’s House, Curran composed over 70 minutes of music, and his score covers an amazingly broad arc, from sweeping Irish-flavored themes and romantic melodies to playful counterpoint and modern motivic composition to help enhance the film’s dark, gothic scenes.
Curran comes from a jazz and classical background, having taken up the saxophone at age 11. He later studied guitar, and as an instrumentalist performed in many musical groups covering a vast variety of styles. That experience prepared him well for life as a composer, where for more than a decade he has been called upon to write everything from big-band jazz charts to Nashville country jingles, and from huge orchestral action cues to atmospheric soundscapes—and nearly everything in between.
Most recently, Curran has composed music for four documentaries on 20th Century Fox’s Collector’s Edition DVD of the Oscar-winning film Twelve O’Clock High, starring Gregory Peck, and is currently involved in various commercial projects for the Walt Disney Co., including Disneyland, Walt Disney World and Disney Wide World of Sports. He also recently composed a piece entitled Music for Six Guitars and Percussion, which he recorded with six of L.A.’s finest guitarists and legendary film music mixer Dan Wallin for a project involving wireless, digital, 7.1 surround-sound technology. 
Hangman’s House is available now, as part of the Ford at Fox collection, in a mini-set entitled John Ford’s Silent Epics, and as an individual purchase.

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