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Simon Boswell's Tin Man
12-Dec-2007 - Varèse Sarabande has released the score for Tin Man. L. Frank Baums classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is boldly reimagined for the new millennium with a darkly menacing world populated by wicked sisters, cowardly psychics, brain-drained inventors and a menagerie of other fantastical inhabitants. A fierce tornado rips DG  from her clock-watching life as a waitress in the Midwest and deposits her with a shocking bump on the other side. The Outer Zone (O.Z.) is a fantastical land filled with wonder but oppressed by dark magic. It has been plunged into a decade-long night of fear by the sorceress Azkadellia. Heeding the whisper of her own emerging memories, DG realizes that only she can halt Azkadellias twisted master plan. Composer Simon Boswell has delivered a powerfully dramatic score that contrasts Harold Arlens classic, magical impressions of a merry old land called Oz.
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