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Tribute Film Classics - a new label
19-Dec-2007 - William Stromberg, Anna Bonn and John Morgan has announced the formation of a new record label: Tribute Film Classics. This new label will continue recording great film music from the Golden Age through the Silver Age, and beyond. For those who are familiar with their Marco Polo (Naxos) rerecordings, they hope to continue recording deserved scores that have been either ignored or survive in less than pristine condition. The new label started with a (musical) bang. The first recording is Bernard Herrmann's complete score for Mysterious Island, including music and portions of cues that didn't make the final cut of the film. The second release is the complete score for Fahrenheit 451 by - again - Bernard Herrmann, along with their arrangement of Twilight Zone: Walking Distance for large string orchestra. The feeling was that this latter piece would be ideal for a string orchestra in the manner of Barber's ADAGIO adaptation for string orchestra. William Stromberg conducts on both CD's the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. Score restoration is by John Morgan, Anna Bonn and William Stromberg. Each CD has a Deluxe 32 page booklet.
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