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The Den of Geek interview: Ira Newborn
19-Feb-2008 -

"Most directors don't know their ass from a hole in the ground about music"
He's scored movies by John Hughes, John Landis and Kevin Smith. He's the man behind the
music from Police Squad! And now, Ira Newborn is talking to Simon Brew of Den of Geek.

Ira Newborn boasts a scoring curriculum vitae that puts the vast majority of his peers to shame.
Primarily associated with scoring comedy films – not least many of John Hughes’ finest, along
with the Police Squad/Naked Gun series – his work has actually seen him demonstrate
real breadth, and has seen him work with some huge names in the music business.
Currently teaching music scoring at the Steinhardt School at New York University (regarded as
the premier school for film scoring), he graciously spared Simon Brew of Den of Geek this time.
You will find the whole interview here.

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