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Dallas: The Complete 8th Season
21-Feb-2008 -

A new Ewing is starting some trouble in Texas…
JR and the whole Ewing family is back for another season of hot-blooded Texas drama as Oscar® Award winner
Donna Reed joins that cast, starring as Miss Ellie. Dallas: The Complete Eighth Season arrived on
DVD February 12, 2008 from Warner Home Video with an all-new exploration of the fashion of Dallas in a special
featurette on the revolutionary look brought to the show by Emmy® Award winning costume designer, Travilla..
This special DVD collector’s set features all 30 1-hour episodes.

Dallas fans just can’t get enough of the Ewing’s and Season 8 brings a new one – cousin Jamie Ewing, a blonde,
blue-eyed little ol’ cupcake with a big, fat claim on the family’s oil empire. This season of Dallas also brings a new
face: Oscar® Award winner Donna Reed stepping gracefully into Miss Ellie’s high heels while an ailing
Barbara Bel Geddes recovers. And, of course, it brings a gusher of high-tension, high-finance drama: three corpses,
one murder trial, weddings, breakups, adultery, medical traumas, kidnapping, lies, long-forgotten secrets and
sudden wealth. That’s not all, not by a Texas Longhorn shot. The season ends with that dynamic Dallas classic,
a wow-did-you-see-that cliffhanger.

"Dallas Season Eight includes all the drama and the scandal the audience has come to know from the Ewing family,
plus fans of the fashion of show will get a special look at the work of fashion designer, Travilla,” explained Rosemary
Markson, WHV Vice President, TV & Special Interest Marketing. “We are excited to be able to offer loyal and new fans
a special insight into the iconic show and the trends it inspired.” 

Dallas premiered in 1978 and soon became an international phenomenon airing in over 130 countries around
the world. People the world over are still watching Dallas on cable as the series continues to find a whole new
generation of viewers. Over its 14 seasons Dallas garnered 17 Emmy® nominations and four wins, 14 Golden
Globe® nominations and one win, and was the #1 or #2 rated network series for five consecutive seasons.
The music.
The original music for the series was written by Jerrold Immel for 9 episodes from 1978-1982.
Jerrold Immel also did write the title theme. Bruce Broughton wrote the music for 10 episodes from 1979-1982,
John Carl Parker did the music for 8 episodes from 1978-1980, Richard Lewis was responsible for the music for
6 episodes from 1979-1986, and finally Angela Morley, who wrote the music for several episodes.
Dallas: The Complete Eighth Season DVD special features include:
• Dallas Makeover: Travilla Style, an all new featurette that explores the sophisticated new look brought to
the show by Emmy®-Winning Costume Designer, Travilla.
Available from Warner Home Video and 

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