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Brian Cachia's Gabriel
9-Mar-2008 - BC Muse has released the score for Gabriel. In the tradition of Underworld, Gabriel reveals the battle between good and evil and the fight for the human soul. Set in purgatory, there is a struggle between Arc and Fallen angels for control over the city and its population of re-born souls. At present, darkness rules and Gabriel, the last of seven Arcs sent to return light, must assume a human form for the first time. "The thing I strived to find with this score was a common tonality that could weave trough the many great characters and locations within purgatory," says composer Brian Cachia, "Some I would back with a major theme whilst others an atmospheric ambience to help keep the reality ofa certain situation. My approach was highly unorthodox but so was the idea that this film could ever be made in the first place."
The score is available from BC Muse. 

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