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1-Apr-2008 - From MovieScore Media comes Joshua. With this strikingly original score, young composer Nico Muhly, who has worked extensively as an editor, keyboardist and conductor for Philip Glass, conjures the atmosphere of a claustrophobic apartment - a place where psychological terror strikes in this award-winning horror feature directed by George Ratliff. "It begins sun-drenched and idyllic, with bells, harp, and piano outlining a wholesome and growing family," the composer explains. "Gradually, the piano becomes an antagonist...".
MovieScore Media's third album with composer Jeff Grace features the two scores he has written for director Ti West: his new thriller, Trigger Man, and 2005's cult hit The Roost, a score previously only available as a download. Continuing to impress with his highly original voice, Grace has composed a truly eerie score for Trigger Man, "a story of three hunters who mysteriously became the hunted," employing minimalist techniques and making extensive use of echo delay throughout the film.  More of a wild ride is the inventive and avant garde score for The Roost, which was hailed by reviewers when it came out originally as a MovieScore Media download album in 2006. 
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