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Upcoming releases from Varese
2-Aug-2001 - Varese Sarabande will release on August 21 three new CD's from famous composers. First, Baby Boy that features a poignant R&B score featuring some of the best session musicians in New York. The score was composed by David Arnold.
The exciting score for Rush Hour 2 is by legendary jazz and film composer Lalo Schifrin, responsible for such classic themes as Mission: Impossible and Mannix as well as the scores for such classics as Dirty Harry, Bullitt, Cool Hand Luke and Enter The Dragon. Schifrin composed an exciting and exotic score for one of the summer's biggest event films.
War in your livingroom? That's the subject of Cats+Dogs this summer. And taking all of this very seriously is John Debney's wonderful, action-packed, Mission: Impossible-influenced score.

More info at Varese Sarabande.

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