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New from Mediane Libri
24-Apr-2008 -

Mediane Libri has again released three superb books, combined with a CD.
"Totò, real name Antonio de Curtis, is unquestionably the greatest actor in the world." says Renzo Arbore, not only an Italian actor, but also director, writer and composer, "When I talk about him in the States, I'd say the greatest comedian. But he was not only that, his eyes (that truly reflected his soul and spirit) where the expression of a whole culture, of his being Neapolitan and also of that humanity at times so painful, so close and also far away from the human deeds. On the other hand, his perception of humanity remained absolutely high above everything else, as if it had been of comfort for his personality as well as of great inspiration for all his art..."
The book+CD.
The book has 336 pages filled with numerous pictures, not only from Totò's movies, but also from his private life.
The CD that comes with the book is a nice compilation of music from his movies, with music from famous composers like Piero Piccioni, Armando Trovaioli, Gianni Ferrio, Francesco de Masi, to name a few.
Italian Sexy Comedy can be regarded as a symbol of the ongoing sexual revolution of the 70s; for all intents and purposes, many scripts were written to make fun of that bigot and stiff side of Italy. Therefore, sex was the main flavor, but there was more to it than the teenager's hard time dealing with inner turbulence and confusion which could only find a way  out through adult fantasies...
The book+CD
The hardcover book has 336 pages full of movie stills in full color from all those sexy moments. But not only that. The CD has a lot of music from composers like, amongst others, Armando Trovaioli, Piero Piccioni, Bruno Nicolai, Gianni Ferrio, Nico Fidenco, Fred Bongusto.
BB is the perfect combination of different notes and chords that all together sound like one perfect melody. Her power of seduction was God's gift, her posture and famous walk matched her fame, as well as her enigmatic appeal that went far beyond mere beauty: it was more like a sensual instinct able to mesmerize and capture. Brigitte encompassed the meaning of beauty, freedom, transgression and quirkiness, yet the look in her eyes revealed a childlike naiveté of sorts, perfectly embodying the disquieting and mischievous elements of the classic femme fatale.
This book with 132 pages is a tribute to Divine BB's astounding career and include movie posters, rare on-set pictures, and the complete filmography. On the CD that accompanies the book, music from Paul Misraki, Hubert Rostaing, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Georges Delerue and François de Roubaix.
For more info and ordering, visit Cinedelic Records in Italy. 

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