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Blaser/Kahles/Dresselhaus/von Vielen Berlin - 1.Mai
12-May-2008 - Colosseum Records has released the score for Berlin - 1.Mai. It's the story of an eleven-year-old Turkish boy, two young men from a small town, and a cuckolded policeman from the sticks, who all find their way to Berlin on May Day, where, in the district of Kreuzberg, emotions come to the boil every year. The score was composed by four composers: Dirk Dresselhaus best known as Schneider TM, Locust Fudge, Mr. Else's Farm and Rainer von Vielen, for whom 1st of May is his third film music. Film composers Christoph Blaser and Steffen Kahles alias Largoland, are much known for their music to Kubaner küssen besser (2002), Ein Fall für den Fuchs: Göttergatte und Ganove (TV production, 2004) and Emmas Glück (2006). 1st of May is their fourth joint film/TV soundtrack.

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