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George Duning's Houseboat
9-Jun-2008 - Harkit Records has released the score for Houseboat. It's the story of Cary Grant and Sophia Loren who are the main attraction in this romantic comedy, which installs single dad Cary and his three children on a dilapidated houseboat on the Potomac River. Sophia is the maid, except she's not really a maid but the cultured daughter of a famous musician. Yes, this is one of those situation comedies in which every problem could be cleared up if only one character told the truth about the situation. Maybe it's no classic, but those two icons are awfully appealing. Following on from the superb music for Bell, Book And Candle, here's George Duning again with a perfect fit of music to the movie. PLUS! The ever-so delectable Sophia Loren heard here on two songs, written by Ray Evans and Jay Livingston.
Available from and Amazon UK.

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