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Varèse Sarabande has announced...
11-Jun-2008 -
...the new CD Club titles with a big surprise...
There is this 4 CD box-set, Elmer Bernstein. The Unused Scores, with the World Premiere
Release of the unused, penultimate film score, Gangs of New York, that would have
been a major and historic release all by itself.
Instead, Varèse has turned this into the biggest release of unused film music ever.
The Journey of Natty Gann and The Scarlet Letter are both included here as they fill
four CDs with Bernstein greatness! Elmer Bernstein fans are in for a good dose of nirvana
with this very special release.
One of the major holes in Franz Waxman's discography is filled at last with the release
of his stunning score for 20th Century Fox's 1952 drama My Cousin Rachel.
Waxman's surging score is a powerhouse and one of his classics. It is, in many ways, 
a companion piece to his magnificent Rebecca, also based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier. 
One of the most iconic films of the 80s featured one of Basil Poledouris' most thrilling
scores. Powered by dynamite aerial dogfight sequences, a soaring rock soundtrack and
thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action, Iron Eagle has something for everyone!
Poledouris' score is centered around one of his most infectious and exciting themes.
This never before available score is an action blockbuster and a must for all Poledouris fans!
The great Henry Mancini makes a long overdue appearance in our CD Club and it's in
the form of one of his classic scores for Blake Edwards; The Man Who Loved Women.
Henry Mancini contributed not only the film's dramatic score and end title song but
also wrote all the source music himself and, in doing so, infused the score with a
great eclecticism and variety.
This never before available opus from one of the most important director/composer
collaborations in the history of film is at last available!  
And last but not least, In A Shallow Grave, a little known film from 1988, that 
featured a truly exceptional score from Jonathan Sheffer. In A Shallow Grave is one of
those special little film scores that very few may have even heard of but the
1000 people lucky enough to add this rare gem to their collection will find
themselves returning often to its special beauty.
These titles are now available for purchase via mail and on-line ordering only,
For added convenience, European customers may order online

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