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Jurassic Fight Club on History Channel
18-Jul-2008 -

Jurassic Fight Club - a cool new series premiering
this month on The History Channel.
The next big battle is about
to make HISTORY.
A dinosaur’s life was not easy. Volatile pre-historic terrain, harsh climate conditions,
insufficient food and water, as well as unrelenting enemy predators made survival
anything but a given. With cutting edge forensics leading to new discoveries every
day, researchers are gaining remarkable insight into the psychology and physiology
of these ancient beasts. The new series JURASSIC FIGHT CLUB, premiering on
History™, Tuesday, July 29 at 9pm ET/PT, brings the history of dinosaurs and their
epic encounters to life like never before seen with astonishing CGI, illustrating
the characteristics that made some the hunters and others the game.
The latest tested evidence suggests that our planet's first fighters were more
than just brutes. CAT scans of fossils allow us to peer inside the bodies and
minds of dinosaurs, giving clues to their behavior, thought process, ability to
strategize and work in groups, as wel as their vision. It is even believed
that raptors possessed night vision.
How dinosaurs lived and how they fought has never been clearer.
Leading scientists and experts offer play-by-play commentary to battles that
occurred 70 million years ago and CGI imagery depicts the ancient beasts
sizing up their opponents and flexing their prehistoric muscles.
Jurassic Fight Club illustrates in fantastic detail the crucial evidence found
and the scientific research conducted, illuminating the possible motivations
for engaging in combat.
Jurassic Fight Club on History Channel
Tuesday, July 29 at 9pm ET/PT.

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