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Francesco De Masi - Ritratto Di Un Autore
18-Jul-2008 - From CAM Original Soundtracks comes an extra-ordinary tribute to a famous Italian composer, Francesco De Masi - Ritratto Di Un Autore. Having composed music for over 300 films, this anthology of original music by composer Francesco de Masi (1930-2005) is a creative choice lovingly selected by his son Filippo. It includes the composer’s most interesting and memorable themes, taken from a variety of different genres, which unsurprisingly fit perfectly together. To name a few, westerns like Arizona Colt, For A Fist In the Eye and Seven Dollars On The Red. For lovers of this genre, Spartacus And The Ten Gladiators and Seven Slaves Against The World, are a must. And of course the mystery and spy films, like Operation Yellow Viper and Serenade For Two Spies. The brilliant liner notes, in Italian and English, are by Filippo De Masi.

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