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30-Jul-2008 - Harkit Records has released the score for On Any Sunday. This little-known Steve McQueen starrer comes from the early 70’s with a driving, yet laid-back distinctive score by Dominic Frontiere. The movie (which was co-produced by McQueen) was actually an homage to dirt bike riders and their passion for what they do “on any Sunday” across America. Filmed with zeal and delight by Bruce Brown, is now very much a cult-classic with bikers around the world.
Also from Harkit Records comes an expanded re-release of Rosemary's Baby. Still deeply disturbing after almost 40 years, Roman Polanski's 1968 shocker starred Mia Farrow as a meek housewife caught up in a tale of New York and modern-day witchcraft. Krzysztof Komeda's haunting score is here for the first time in an expanded version with a remarkable 'vocalese' version by Polish songstress Urszula Dudziak with Walk Away and rare rehearsal tracks by the composer. A sensational fully illustrated booklet with insightful notes in both English and Polish.
Available from, Amazon UK and Harkit Records.

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